Versatile Building Products leads the industry in decorative chip and flake epoxy garage floor coatings for concrete. VBP prides itself on continuing the research and development of the Ultra Low VOC products used to coat over floor surfaces.

CCDS are proud to have produced an individual design software specifically showing the VBP garage cabinet and flooring products. VBP take the humble garage into the future, and with the CCDS software you can imagine people making shelves, planting seedlings and even playing games at www.casino.com in their VBP garage. Many people probably don't have very ambitious plans for their garage, so seeing plans mapped out using our software is a invaluable aid to visualizing the possibilities for the space. This is the sort of project where CCDS software comes into its own. We make the abstract, concrete; or in this case, we make concrete decorative.

Take a look at the slideshow below to see some designs created using their software. Click on an image to start the slideshow.

  • VBPdesign1
  • VBPdesign2
  • VBPdesign3

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We not only customize design software for individual companies but we also produce our own individual design systems for Closets, Home Offices, Garages and Pantries. Go to the CCDS Website and take a look for yourself.