Would you like a Design Software customized specifically for your company's product? One of our services is producing customized design systems for individual companies. You provide us with photographs of your products and all the individual details such as sizes, colors etc. and leave the rest to us!! You will find we are very competitively priced and it will certainly make your company stand out from the rest. Contact us by email, phone or regular mail to receive a competitive quote for this service. Click on any of the links to the right to view some of our latest customization projects.

"Stand-alone" or Online Design Systems

CCDS now offer the choice of a stand-alone program, for installation on your computer, or an online design system accessible by a User Name and Login process via the internet, depending on your requirements. Please call 386 405 0306 for more information on these options or Email Us

Gallery link If you click the image to the right you will be taken to the gallery. Here you will see various front elevation designs and also topdown designs which have been put together with the customized design software created for our clients.

Quick Custom Design

We also offer a "Quick Custom" service. If you would like to use your own logo in the systems, your own design of product, or a certain brand name of products and would like them illustrated, then this could be the service for you.

Hand drawn and unique...

Our systems are created using an electronic drawing tablet to prepare sketches of your products. This facilitates importing them into the computer and greatly aids the clarity of the resulting images.

An exceptional sales aid...

Having your own design system that displays your own products will definitely increase sales. Your designers will be able to take their laptop on appointments with the client and illustrate a proposed design right there and then!

Recent Clients

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The design software shows front elevations but we also have developed a Topdown System to enable you to present a topdown viewpoint to your clients.

CCDS are well known in the cabinetry industry for their colorful design software. Color is used to help differentiate between the walls and the cabinetry for ease of use in the topdown elevations.

If you are interested in seeing what design systems we produce then visit our website at www.c-cds.com and see the software we have produced for Closets, Garages, Home Office and Pantries.


No problem! As well as customizing images, the program can be configured to reflect your own pricing and product range on a "Quote/Materials List" page. This would be constructed from your own electronic data supplied to us. As an inexpensive alternative, pricing and materials lists can be provided via coded Excel spreadsheets. This is also done from electronic data supplied by you. Please call 386 405 0306 for more information and a price on these options.


The system works by importing images of the individual sections of cabinetry to a computer screen and manoevering them into position to form the required design. The software is extremely simple in principle and the basics can be learned by practicing for only an hour or two.


There is nothing complicated about our software... we have deliberately kept it as simple as possible. None of us have the time to learn complicated software and this system was designed to meet that need. All of the icons are very similar to the kind used with Windows. The principles of the CCDS Image Design Systems can easily be mastered in your lunch hour!